Out of the Blue DVD


Industry: Health
My Role: Concept, design, programming, coding, illustration, audio
Software: Flash, QuickTime, DVD Studio Pro, actionscripting, Illustrator, iDVD, Photoshop, SnapzPro X
URL: http://www.mindworksforchildren.com/ootb/

This is a transformative visual relaxation DVD. It is is presented to the viewer through a series of flash animation techniques, illustrations of nature, painterly photographs as well as soothing voice narration and interactive materials that incorporate all of the five senses. This DVD takes the viewer through a visual relaxation journey.

Out of the Blue, is a visual relaxation DVD for children ages 7 and up. It was originally designed for hearing impaired, autistic and dyslexic children, however it is suitable for all normally developing children as well as pediatric, chronic and terminally ill patients. Out of the Blue incorporates 10 scientifically proven stress reduction techniques such as cognitive restructuring, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, just to name a few.